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Daily Archives: July 3, 2015


Conservationists may challenge certification of state forest lands

July 3, 2015
Category: Forestry
Region: US East, United States

….For wood products manufacturers that operate in the state, the certification provides value in the marketplace, as some large home products retailers, such as Home Depot, have come to insist on certified lumber in their stores. But the DNR could face a challenge to those certifications when they come up for a five-year renewal later this summer. Conservationists who’ve worked on forest management issues for years say recent changes in DNR policies backtrack on previous commitments and conflict with the ideals established by the two organizations that currently certify DNR-managed forests, the Forest Stewardship Council, or FSC, and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, or SFI.

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Forest Fires

Island Timberlands closes roads

Severely dry conditions in forest force early precautions this year
Alberni Valley Times
July 2, 2015
Category: Forest Fires
Region: Canada, Canada West

The extreme heat and dry conditions have forced Island Timberlands to initiate a total closure of gates to the company’s road access. All gates on the east side of Vancouver Island are closed to public access because of risk of forest fire danger. The closure is early in the season. “This is really early,” said Bill Waugh, chief forester for Island Timberlands. “Normally we see this as a mid to late August scenario.” He said the conditions are tinder dry and has already resulted in a fire last week on Mount Benson on the east side of Vancouver Island. “We work closely with the Coastal Fire Centre and they are fully on board,” Waugh said.

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