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A Massive Plan To Expand Forests – And Save The World

By Sasha Stashwick
Natural Resource Defense Council
July 11, 2019
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: International

Forests are some of the most incredible places on Earth – teeming with life, filtering our drinking water, and providing us myriad outdoor recreation opportunities. Trees are also the most effective means to capture and store carbon, making them our frontline defense against climate change. For the first time ever, landmark researchpublished this week quantifies how global forest restoration could help us address the climate crisis. The conclusions are astounding: The restoration of Earth’s forests could capture two-thirds of man-made carbon emissions. The researchers call for a global reforestation action plan to capture this potential. …This new research on the massive climate mitigation potential of a global reforestation agenda places in stark relief the choice between a future in which we prioritize maximizing carbon storage by forests vs. one where forests are burned for energy. 

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