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B.C. government adds month to caribou conservation consultations after community concerns

By Bob Weber
Canadian Press in The Globe and Mail
April 15, 2019
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

John Horgan

DAWSON CREEK, B.C. — The BC government has added a month to its consultations on caribou conservation because of community concerns over logging, backcountry access and talks with First Nations. “This is clearly an issue that has … inflamed passions,” said Premier John Horgan… Loggers are also concerned about access to trees. Horgan acknowledged that the main harvest of trees killed by mountain pine beetle infestation is over. “There is dwindling fibre supply,” he said. …Dawson Creek Mayor Dale Bumstead welcomed … Lekstrom’s appointment, but said local concerns remain. “It’s not clear what the impact will be on the forestry sector.” Bumstead said local people felt shouldered aside by constitutional requirements to consult First Nations, which may have contributed to racist-tinged remarks about the issue on social media. “I’m concerned about the split that’s occurring now because of the animosity toward the First Nations neighbours,” the mayor said.

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