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BC’s leadership in mass timber ‘years in the making’

Tree Frog Forestry News
March 15, 2019
Category: Today's Takeaway

BC’s engineered wood leadership was many years in the making [decades actually]. Stories celebrating the evolution include: more tall wood on the way (Business in Vancouver); what mass timber means for Vancouver Island (CHEK News); Kalesnikoffs to build mass timber facility (West Kootenays); and Portland readies for the largest gathering of mass timber experts in the world. Elsewhere: the World Council on tall buildings updates criteria for what qualifies as ‘all timber‘; and an Arkansas lawmaker says “if we want more trees, we should use more wood products“.

In Forestry/Climate news: Nova Scotia to regulate biodiversity; a US study on barriers to northward tree migration; and a climate project aims to help BC forest professionals rethink their prescriptions.

Finally, six years later Resolute vs. Greenpeace continues; and after seven years California’s drought is finally over.

Oh… and have a Happy St. Paddie’s Day weekend.

Kelly McCloskey, Tree Frog Editor

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