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Boilers and beams

By Lawrence Cosentino
Lansing City Pulse
July 10, 2019
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: US East, United States

This summer, truckloads of titanic timbers from Canada are rumbling across Michigan State University to be assembled into a unique structure …when it’s finished in the fall of 2020. …two sprawling additions are now going up to the north and south. …The new wings are made largely of “mass timber,” …strong enough to bear the weight of the building and pretty enough to be left exposed. There are currently no mills that make mass timber in Michigan, so the slabs are being hauled from Canada. But the U.S. Forest Service and MSU’s Forestry Department are tracking the STEM project closely, with an eye toward developing a mass-timber market in Michigan. …“Growing trees sustainably, using all of the harvested wood and incorporating it into a long-term structure, extends the carbon and climate benefits of forests,” Forestry Department Chairman Rich Kobe said. Building from steel and concrete emits carbon dioxide, while mass timber sequesters the carbon in the wood.

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