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Can’t get no US timber satisfaction

By Frank Carroll
Rapid City Journal
February 11, 2019
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, United States

Frank Carroll

Darned old Canadians; first, they flood us with softwood from their massive northern arboreal forests, and then, just when we think we have ‘em licked with President Trump’s timber tariffs, they come down here and buy out our sawmills in the Southeast. They flooded us with a wall of wood, and they bought up our sawmills, so our timber suppliers down here had to sell to Canadian-owned U.S. mills. Shoot. We’re stumped. To make matters worse, our beneficent Farm Bill provided great subsidies for American tree farmers. The resulting glut of timber going to market has us over a barrel: Too much wood, and a monopoly of Canadian sawmills in the South, one of the last U.S. outposts for viable timber operations. Especially Georgia.

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