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Carbon emissions from deforestation smaller than thought

The Tree Frog Forestry News
November 5, 2019
Category: Today's Takeaway

A new study says human-made net carbon emissions from deforestation are about a fifth of what was previously estimated. In related news: ENGO’s pan BC’s ‘log and talk‘ consultations;  Alberta appoints caribou task force members; a Tongass alternative—shift to second growth logging; Northern Wisconsin secures clean SFI/FSC audits; and the UK plans to tackle climate change by planting trees.

In other news: a new wood-based cellulose can capture hormones from wastewater; California lifts wildfire evacuations; Ontario reports lower 2019 forest fire losses; Canada’s lumber production is up slightly; Rayonier announces Q3 losses; and Sappi concludes purchase of Quebec’s Mantane pulp mill.

Finally, the Frogs are on location at CWC’s Wood Solutions Conference in Vancouver today. Hope to see you there!

Kelly McCloskey, Tree Frog Editor

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