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Christmas tree farmers launch “got milk” campaign to combat fake trees

The Tree Frog Forestry News
December 11, 2018
Category: Today's Takeaway

Christmas tree farmers launched a “got milk” like campaign to combat the growing fake tree market. The campaign is called “It’s Christmas. Keep It Real!” Meanwhile Finland’s prime minister says, “Climate Change is real” and “Trump wasn’t wrong but it’s not raking, it’s thinning“. 

In Business news: Hakan Ekstrom says world sawlog prices fell in Q3; the Washington Post says China is subverting US tariffs on plywood by shipping through Vietnam; Susan Yurkovich says China is too important a market to pass on; Finning International appoints West Fraser’s Ted Seraphim to its Board; and the Canadian Steel Producers hire former FPAC executive Catherine Cobden.  

In Wood Product news: CLT is touted as the “need of the hour” while char is challenged as a fire insulator

Finally, new research says urban frogs are sexier than forest frogs. Allegedly.

Kelly McCloskey, Tree Frog Editor

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