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Forest sector delegates gather to witness The Embalming of the Snark

Vancouver Hoo-Hoo Club 48
July 26, 2019
Category: Special Feature
Region: Canada, Canada West

Join us in the beautiful village of Whistler in British Columbia, Canada, ​for the 127th HHI Convention. The west coast of Canada is renowned for its verdant rain forests—a bucket-list must see for anyone in the wood products/forest sector. We encourage you to stay a while, either before, or after the convention, and explore this unique part of the world. …Rameses Jim Spiers will be on hand at the Conference to present ‘Hoo Hoo 101 – The history and traditions of Hoo Hoo’. And, Club 48 President, Stirling Angus will host group activities that include a tour of a log sort yard in Squamish and dinner under the stars at the North Arm Farm in Pemberton. On behalf of our President, Stirling Angus, we once again invite you to Whistler, where Hoo-Hoo International will bear witness to the Embalming of the Snark, and Club 48 will usher in Matthew Burke as our new president! 

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