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Get outside, again: How the ‘re-wilding’ movement urges children to connect with nature

By Dave McGinn
The Globe and Mail
February 11, 2019
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada

Erin Edwards has seen too many classes meant to teach children the importance of nature turn into scary sessions about environmental destruction. Edwards, who is a teacher, wants her two-year-old daughter and six-month-old son to care about nature because they love it, not out of fear, she says. …More parents like Edwards are seeking out ways to counterbalance concerns over too much screen time and structured activities, whether by enrolling their children in outdoor kindergarten or forest schools, where much of what they would be taught in a classroom is done outdoors. Many of these programs are so popular they have long wait lists. …Several studies have found that children who spend more time outside also tend to be more physically active. Other benefits include reduced blood pressure and heart rate, as well as increased creativity, says Mark Tremblay…  [Full access only available to Globe and Mail subscribers]

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