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Horgan taps Liberal ex-minister to rescue caribou rescue plan

By Vaughn Palmer
Vancouver Sun
April 15, 2019
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Blair Lekstrom

VICTORIA — Premier John Horgan …Monday, admitted the NDP government had botched consultations on a caribou rescue plan. …The premier then announced consultations on the controversial plan would be doubled from one month to two. He also appointed …Blair Lekstrom to oversee the process and report by the end of May. Lekstrom is a former B.C. Liberal cabinet minister with a reputation for independence. …Though Hogan took personal blame (“my bad”) for shortchanging the community on consultations, his decision to step in constituted a backhand criticism of Forests Minister Doug Donaldson. …B.C. probably has more room to manoeuvre on the forestry changes than Horgan allows. I also have think that Lekstrom, having been brought in to rescue the situation, has some leverage. It would not be like him to take part in a sham consultation. If he recommends constructive changes to the plan, the New Democrats would surely have to listen.

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