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Lightening heavy industry’s tax load in Kamloops

By Jessica Wallace
Kamloops This Week
April 16, 2019
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada West

Domtar and Tolko’s tax rate will decrease slightly this year, at a cost of about $4 to the average household. But heavy industry in Kamloops will continue to pay more on average than other B.C. municipalities. City council on Tuesday approved this year’s mill rates. …One city councillor took issue with a reduction of the heavy industry rate, which is charged to the Domtar pulp mill and Tolko’s plywood mill. …The reduction is a result of a council policy implemented in recent years to incrementally lower the rate, due to high taxes paid in Kamloops by heavy industry compared to other communities in the province. …Based on this year’s assessed values, if council were to reduce rates for Tolko and Domtar to meet that average, the city would lose $3.5 million worth of tax revenue in 2019.

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