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Mass Timber: Shattering the Myth of Code Exceptions

By Lindsey Leardi
Arch Daily
February 12, 2019
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada, United States

Structural timber is in the midst of a renaissance; an ironic trend given that timber is arguably the most ancient of building materials. But new innovations in structural timber design have inspired a range of boundary-pushing plans for the age-old material, including everything from bridges to skyscrapers. Even more crucially, these designs are on the path to realization, acceding to building codes that many (mistakenly) view as restrictive to the point of impossibility. The timber structures of today aren’t just breaking records – they’re doing it without breaking the rules. Among the spate of notable new timber structures is MGA | Michael Green Architecture (Design Architect) with DLR Group (Architect of Record) T3 (Timber, Transit, Technology) mass-timber structure in Minneapolis, completed in 2016. …Architects, engineers, and other industry professionals can get help designing and building safe, high-performing wood structures from The Think Wood Research Library online database with over 1,000 research documents on topics

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