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More softwood, a little Trump and a dash of TLA

Tree Frog Forestry News
January 19, 2017
Category: Today's Takeaway

At a campaign-style event in Vancouver Tuesday, columnist Tom Fletcher reports that NDP leader John Horgan has started his election campaign on the state of BC’s forests. In sum, Horgan believes Clark should “replace her trade minister and ‘retool’ for a lumber battle with Trump”. He also takes a swipe at “BC’s biggest forest companies for buying sawmills in the United States as B.C. mills shut down”.

In other softwood news, TLA head David Elstone comments on the impact duties will have on the US consumer and thus the US housing market, “which is still recovering from the 2008/09 recession” and per Paul Quinn at RBC “is coming in above expectations” in December. Nova Scotia Trade Minister Michel Samson expresses confidence that his province will “dodge softwood lumber duties” because “the U.S. Lumber Coalition made it clear that they recognize that Nova Scotia has been playing by the rules”.

Sticking with Trump, the President-elect could make good on his promise to rescue America’s dying coal industry, “with a little help from wood pellets”, according to a Maine-based global expert on pellet fuels. “Burning a mix of 10 percent wood pellets in coal-fired power plants is common now in Europe”.

Finally, the Supreme Court of BC gave the green light to Catalyst Paper to make changes that would facilitate “a recapitalization plan” so the company can “switch from a publicly traded entity to a private enterprise”.

— Tree Frog Editors