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We’re re-launching our Friend of the Frog program in conjunction with our sponsorship opportunities so you too can help us keep the Tree Frog News a free daily news service. We are immensely grateful to our Sponsors who have contributed (often on behalf of their employees) to ensure the service remains free and available to the broadest range of readers. However, our goal of covering our costs remains and although we truly would prefer not to ask, many of you have offered small donations in the past.  In this regard, we respectfully request that you consider the value and pick your amphibian!

Poison Dart Frog $50 (or 20 cents per news day)
Red Eyed Tree Frog $100 (or 40 cents per news day)
Pacific Tree Frog $200 (or 80 cents per news day)
Bull Frog $500 (or 2 dollars per news day)

In return, we promise to run an efficient service that keeps you informed about forestry news in Canada, the US and around the world. We recently upgraded our search parameters to ensure we are capturing new entities and keeping up with changes in the sector. We also added new media sources, relevant blogs and twitter accounts and we are about to survey the full readership to assess how we are doing and how we can improve. If you have any suggestions in this regard, please advise.
Thank you for your support—and for becoming a Friend of the Frog!

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