Friends of the Frog

Friends of the Frog are an important part of our program. Contributions from these individuals, organizations and companies are a statement of their support for what we do, and is greatly appreciated. 


We re-established our Friend of the Frog Program in 2012.


If you would like to show your support, please visit our donations page.


  Bayard Palmer
  Wayne Clogg
  MDT Management Decision & Technology Ltd. – Jim Girvan
  Jim McWilliams
  Laura Millar
  Peter Ewart
  Gerry Burch, RPF
  Bruce Blackwell, B.A. Blackwell and Associates Ltd
  Cynthia MacDonald
  Graeme Fitch
  D.R. Systems Inc.– Donald Reimer
  Jim McWilliams
  Robert Schulz

Alberta Newsprint Company
Mike Apsey
Peter Ewart
  William Dumont


Legacy Friends

Visit Our Legacy Friends Page