What our readers have to say about the Tree Frog News

“When I’m looking for the latest forest industry news items, whether regional, national, or international, I know I can turn to Tree Frog Daily Forestry News. Every business day, Sandy McKellar’s team at Tree Frog delivers the latest stories, events and industry changes, right to my inbox. Sandy’s site helps our industry stay knowledgeable and connected, and provides a great way to share information about current events.”
Bill Tice, Editor, Canadian Forest Industries

“Nobody provides a unique and valued forestry and environment news service on the BC and Canadian forest sector like Tree Frog does. Sandy McKellar can be counted on to provide timely, relevant and need-to-know daily forestry news updates.”
Bill Dumont, RPF

“Sandy, your service is much over due. In the past it has been very difficult to keep up on forestry news, etc. Usually done by word of mouth. Given the rate of change in the industry these days this a great general information tool to finally have. I do not know how I lived with out it.”
Dan Carson, Silviculture Forester, Kruger Products Division

“I can think of few places in the world where forestry plays a bigger part in people’s lives than BC. Elected officials and policy-makers pay close attention to what’s in the news here. And because public policy has such a huge impact on forest management, it’s immensely valuable for people in the forestry business to also know what’s going on in the media. Sandy McKellar’s “Forestry News” service is not only highly relevant, but also quick and easy to access. It’s just a great way to keep tabs on the main forestry news items in BC and North America. It comes highly recommended.”
Rod Bealing, Executive Director, Private Forest Landowners Association

“I have found Tree Frog’s forestry news service to be invaluable. It keeps me up-to-speed with forestry, climate change and green building issues, all of which are key issues to our business. If there is a news story that is of particular interest, inevitably I’ve become aware of it because of this service.”
Dwight Yochim, RPF

“Your service has been invaluable for me dealing daily with the many different aspects and clients in the Industry. The knowledge and confidence it gave me to talk knowledgeably about current issues raised many eyebrows.”
Lloyd Hedden, former Receptionist, FrontCounterBC