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Opportunity knocks for women in LBM (Lumber/building Material)

By Katy Tomasulo
Lumber Building Materials Journal
April 15, 2019
Category: Business & Politics
Region: United States

An LBM industry more inclusive of women offers advantages to employee and dealer alike. We asked several industry veterans to weigh in with advice for those considering a career—as well as those companies that stand to benefit. …Other women, veterans and rookies alike, paint similar pictures. Yes, the LBM industry has been slow to increase its ranks of women. Yes, pockets of the industry may have been, and may still be, less than welcoming to women. And, yes, more work needs to be done. But the descriptions and clear passion that unfold when you ask these women about their experiences are largely encouraging—enough to make you wonder why more aren’t lining up to fill the multitude of vacancies and why more dealers aren’t making a bigger effort to get them on board. Now more than ever, LBM has much to offer women…

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