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Pine trees aren’t the answer to carbon mitigation

By Mia Sutherland
December 3, 2019
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: International

OPINION: Trees “suck” carbon dioxide from the air in a process known as sequestration. The quicker the tree grows, the more efficient it is at sequestering carbon. The planting of trees is frequently praised as a solution to the build-up of atmospheric carbon dioxide, which is the main greenhouse gas contributing to our abnormally changing climate.  To reach carbon neutrality by 2050 – or hopefully earlier – new forests must be planted. “Failing to plant billions of trees over the coming decades would be an expensive mistake,” Stuff national correspondent Charlie Mitchell wrote. But the composition of these forests has been heavily debated. Pinus radiata, a humble pine tree, grows like a weed. Many people, including my father, hate pine trees because of their tendency to thrive over native bush.


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