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Sasquatch gets the last laugh

By Les Leyne
Victoria Times Colonist
September 5, 2018
Category: Froggy Foibles
Region: Canada, Canada West

There’s a lot of snickering and snide jokes about the B.C. Supreme Court decision this week to not recognize the sasquatch. But it doesn’t take an outdoor-education degree to tell who’s laughing the hardest — the sasquatch himself. …Based on this week’s ruling, he’ll continue lurking in the bush with no regard for modern-day wildlife expectations. You’d think a regulation-happy, process-oriented NDP government would be the first to recognize the need for a wildlife-management plan and lots more studies of these creatures. …But B.C. retaliated that his suit was unnecessary, scandalous, frivolous and vexatious. That’s an awful lot of adjectives to throw up against a guy just because he believes in Bigfoot. It said the case is based on assumptions and speculation and “lacks an air of reality.” That sums up every question period ever held in the legislature. But you don’t see the court declaring that MLAs don’t exist.

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