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Spruce Bark Beetle Explosion & Storm Damaged Timber – Europe’s Rapidly Changing Global Trade Flows

Forest Economic Advisors
December 4, 2019
Category: Forestry
Region: International

The rapid expansion of the spruce bark beetle, in combination with windstorms in Europe, has grown to a massive scale in just a few short years, and the net impact is a huge timber salvage program, with far-reaching implications in global markets. Exceptionally hot and dry summers have fanned the flames for an unprecedented outbreak of spruce bark beetles throughout central European forests, killing vast areas of timber. Drought, brought on by climate change, has weakened mature trees’ natural defense mechanisms, giving beetles a wide-open field to multiply unchecked. The resulting massive infestation has forced landowners to quickly harvest their attacked forests across the Bavarian region of Germany, as well as in the Czech Republic, northern Austria, Slovakia, Poland and half a dozen other European countries. …FEA has estimated the central European volume of damaged timber at over 100 million m3 in 2018, including both wind-damaged timber and beetle-killed wood.

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