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The battle lines are drawn as Northern Pulp fights for its future

The Tree Frog Forestry News
January 7, 2019
Category: Today's Takeaway

In todays news: Northern Pulp readies its plan for a new effluent system; Western Forest Products pursues reconciliation in BC’s Alberni Valley; Vancouver’s old growth lumber gets a new lease on life; Trump’s executive order may see logging in National Parks; and silvopasture (cows and trees) can mitigate climate change.

For those who extended their Christmas break, a few of the headlines from last week include: the NY Times on the decision to allow 18 storey wood buildings; the Wall Street Journal on lumber’s price collapse; the Canadian Press on Canada’s changing forests; Macleans on Canada’s species [most] at risk in 2019; and the Economist on the importance of building with wood. Also: FEA Wood Markets outlook for 2019; Frank Dottori’s retirement; and the passing of BC’s John Russell PhD, RPF. 

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Kelly McCloskey, Tree Frog Editor

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