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Wildfire update – between lightning and humans there’s no end in sight

Tree Frog Forestry News
July 12, 2017
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Wildfire update – between lightning and humans there’s no end in sight

  • BC wildfires: The damage so far, and how you can help (Globe & Mail)
  • Seven days is a “Disneyland suggestion” for returning home (100 Mile Free Press)
  • UBC forest researcher posts video of harrowing wildfire escape (Vancouver Sun)
  • South-central Oregon wildfire grows to 6200 acres; firefighters battling blazes across the West (The Oregonian)
  • California battling several large wildfires that forced out residents (Reuters)

Causes and implications?

  • Lightning sparks numerous wildfires in southeast BC (Globe & Mail)
  • Canada wood prices to rise as western wildfire interrupts logging (Reuters)
  • BC wildfires put dent in interior resource industries with mill closures, mine slowdowns (Vancouver Sun)
  • President Trump’s proposed budget cuts to fighting wildfires could be deadly for the Western US (New York Daily News)

What is or can be done about it? 

  • Burning BC: Time to fight fire with fire, says expert (CBC News)
  • Wildfire preparation and response inadequate (Clearwater Times)
  • Local collaboration key to preventing large wildfires (Cranbrook Townsman)
  • Flush With Timber Money, Congressman Works to Loosen Forest Protections (Pacific Standard)

In other news, Bruce King has a new book coming out in the fall, called “The New Carbon Architecture“, which of course means use more wood. Related stories include a University of California test to “see how wood structures fair in quakes” and a Michigan State University study on “how wood from abandoned buildings can be reused.”

— Kelly McCloskey, Tree Frog Editor