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WTO tries to grapple with existing caseload before critical date next week

By Reuters
CBC News
December 3, 2019
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, United States

The World Trade Organization battled on Tuesday over whether to bring its Appellate Body to an abrupt halt or allow its adjudicators to settle a handful of pending cases. The Trump administration has for more than two years been blocking appointments to the top body that rules on trade disputes, which means that after Dec. 10 it will lack a quorum to function. …David Walker, New Zealand’s ambassador, proposed to WTO members that the Appellate Body should be allowed to conclude three cases that have already had hearings. A further 10 pending appeals are to be left in limbo. …However, even that limited case load drew an objection from U.S. ambassador Dennis Shea at the meeting, the officials said. The three appeals for which hearings have been completed… include U.S. anti-subsidy duties on paper from Canada [Canada is the complainant against the US in a case involving softwood lumber]

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