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WTO’s softwood lumber ruling drags Canada into fire of longstanding ‘zeroing’ dispute

By Naomi Powell
The National Post
April 16, 2019
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, International

Tom Prusa

A new WTO ruling on softwood lumber has dragged Canada into the heart of a long-running dispute over a controversial American trade practice — a standoff experts say is unlikely to end soon. …But as the U.S. continues to block the appointment of new judges to the WTO’s appellate body or top court — an action that could leave it powerless by December — Canada’s challenge is almost certain to languish, said Tom Prusa, an economics professor and expert in trade policy at Rutger’s University. “This finding does not mean Canada will ultimately lose when the case gets to appeal,” he said. …“It’s complete gibberish mathematics,” said Prusa. “It’s a trick that works for the U.S. by throwing out adverse facts and now Canada is trapped in it.”

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