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Daily Archives: June 15, 2015

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Don’t forget farming and forestry

Lawmakers should find a way to fund L.D. 290, which would help farmers and loggers with fuel prices.
Central Maine
June 13, 2015
Category: Business & Politics
Region: US East, United States

As the 127th Maine Legislature attempts to complete its first session, the topic of tax reform is certainly dominating the conversation, with most of the conversation focused on income taxes. Certainly, income taxes are important to both commercial agriculture and commercial wood harvesting, but in the long run, the health and well-being of these industries has much more to do with other factors than just the income tax.  On June 2, the Legislature enacted L.D. 290,
“An Act to Refund the Sales Tax Paid on Fuel Used in Commercial
Agriculture Production and Commercial Wood Harvesting,” with
overwhelming bipartisan support.

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