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Forest Fires

Vehicle’s catalytic converter started Ferguson wildfire, Forest Service says

By Ralph Ellis and Sheena Jones
October 5, 2018
Category: Forest Fires
Region: United States, US West

Almost from the start, authorities said a vehicle somehow started the Ferguson Fire, a California wildfire that ended up burning almost 100,000 acres over the summer. On Friday, the US Forest Service issued a news release with more detail, saying “investigators believe superheated pieces of a catalytic converter came into contact with dry, roadside vegetation, igniting the fire.” The fire burned through 96,601 acres of the Sierra National Forest, Stanislaus National forest, Yosemite National Park and state lands, the release says. The fire, which is now contained, killed two people. Investigators haven’t located the vehicle and are seeking the public’s help in finding it. No description of the vehicle was provided.

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