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A fresh look at the role of natural resources in B.C.’s economy

January 31, 2017

As leaders from government, industry and First Nations gather in Prince George for the 14th annual Natural Resources Forum, it’s worth taking a fresh look at the important role natural resources play in B.C.’s economy, today and in the future..C.’s natural resources are diverse, and effective stewardship means they’ll continue to support sustainable jobs, businesses and communities for decades to come. While the recent downturn in some commodity markets has been challenging for a number of resource-reliant regions in the province, the outlook for 2017-18 is brighter: Prices are forecast to rise for lumber, natural gas, coal, aluminum, copper, zinc and others, in some cases on the heels of sizable price gains last year. The main worry is around the impact of the long-running, Canada-U.S. softwood lumber trade dispute on the B.C. wood-products industry.