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A Maine Paper Mill’s Unexpected Savior: China

By Ellen Barry
The New York Times
January 15, 2020
Category: Business & Politics
Region: US East, United States

OLD TOWN, Maine — During the deepest part of last winter, a van pulled off the highway and followed the two-lane road that skims along the Penobscot River, coming to rest beside the hulk of a shuttered pulp mill. The van’s door slid open and passengers climbed out: seven Buddhist monks from China. …He stepped back and watched as the monks wandered from the boiler houses to the limekiln to the pulp mill, chanting, burning candles and gently tapping a gong. …The most startling thing about Ms. Zhang was her promise that Nine Dragons would operate the mill for 100 years, long enough to employ Mr. Edwards’s children and grandchildren. “People don’t go back and redo these mills, they just don’t,” Mr. Edwards said. “Mills get torn down or scrapped out. And here’s Old Town in the middle of it, coming back to life.”

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