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“A Trillion Trees” is a great idea—that could become a dangerous climate distraction

By James Temple
MIT Technology Review
January 28, 2020
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: International

Signing on to the Trillion Tree initiative was basically the cost of admission for the global elite at this year’s World Economic Forum (well, that plus tens of thousands of dollars for the badge). In fact, tree planting was the rare issue on which even Jane Goodall and Donald Trump could get on the same page at Davos.  Meanwhile, Axios revealed last week that Congressman Bruce Westerman, an Arkansas Republican, is working on a bill dubbed the Trillion Trees Act that would set a national target for tree planting (although apparently it won’t be—and almost certainly couldn’t be—a literal trillion). It’s great that trees are having a moment.  …But it’s also a limited and unreliable way of addressing climate change. We have a terrible track record on carrying out reforestation efforts to date.

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