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Art Sterritt’s mix of charm and tough-mindedness gets things done on his people’s terms

October 2, 2014
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

OTTAWA — First Nations leader Art Sterritt, recipient this week of a $100,000 environmental award from California’s Stanford University, is a no-nonsense negotiator who can simultaneously charm and intimidate allies and adversaries. The award, which recognizes “unheralded individuals who have made significant contributions to global sustainability,” goes to an accomplished artist and ex-fisherman who has played a key leadership role in two major political battles. Sterritt’s Coastal First Nations lobby group, formed in 2000 by north-central First Nations frustrated with the B.C. treaty process, was central to the 2006-2011 Great Bear Rainforest agreements involving the B.C. and federal governments, other First Nations, the forest industry and major environmental groups.