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Australia: Same Same But Different

Tree Frog Forestry News
March 14, 2017
Category: Today's Takeaway

What do the following news story excerpts have in common today?
•  Bikers protest legislation allowing logging in forests marked for protection 
•  Citing their industry’s sustainability, workers seek an increase in timber supply 
•  Environmental groups are trying to kill the timber industry
•  A proposal to allow logging sparks calls for government intervention
•  Forests in National Parks have been ravaged by extreme fires

They are all from down-under. “Same same but different”… as they say.

Wood pellet manufacturers in both Canada and the United States are increasingly diversifying their feedstock according to Seattle-based Wood Resources International LLC. “There has been a clear shift from logs to residues in the US south, while BC pellet companies are increasingly supplementing their sawmill residues with forest residues in the form of tree tops and branches.”

In other news, Business in Vancouver is featuring a story on the “
BC Raw log export” debate. Asked if they support a ban, Horgan (NDP) “hesitates” and Weaver (Green) says “no”. And the World’s 10 Most Incredible Buildings Made Entirely of Wood are featured in a new book by William Hall, titled “Wood”, which is described as a “fresh, surprising look at the world’s best timber architecture“.
–Tree Frog Editors