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BC log exports mostly a side show

April 4, 2017
Category: Today's Takeaway

Lamenting the fact that BC’s election means “we’ll hear a lot of talk about raw logs”, columnist Tom Fletcher reports that the just released BC Stats on exports suggest that log exports are “mostly a political sideshow”, given that the “three largest importers of BC logs—the US, China and Japan—are also our leading customers, with lumber value running as much as 10 times log value in a given year”.

According to a survey by the Truck Loggers Association, 60% of the people living in BC’s coastal communities believe “our forests are being managed sustainably” and 91% agree that “it’s in their communities’ best interest if the forest companies and the workers harvesting timber and growing trees in the surrounding area are local”.

In a story on wood energy, the issue with unlocking Europe’s potential is “wood mobilization”. In other words, the problem is “not that there is not enough wood growing in the forest but that there are many issues with getting it out of the forest.

Finally, the Government of Nova Scotia is getting kudos from developer Ross Cantwell on their decision to adopt the new national building code, making six-storey wooden buildings possible. According to Cantwell, “although there are pluses and minuses”, this kind of construction allows us to “pack a lot of people into Halifax and Dartmouth without relying too much on huge towers”.

–Tree Frog Editors