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BC NDP vows to curb log exports and create jobs

Tree Frog Forestry News
March 28, 2017
Category: Today's Takeaway

Blaming the BC Liberals for 100 mill closures and 30,000 job losses, NDP leader John Horgan unveiled a forestry jobs plan that “focuses on reducing the export of raw logs and using them to increase value-added wood products here” (like the 18-story Brock Commons tower at UBC). The Liberal’s response: “sounds like an endorsement of what we’re already doing”.

Long time forestry critic Herb Hammond says the NDP plan “falls short of what’s needed”, while Rod Bealing, of the Private Forest Landowners Association, defends log exports. In a response to a recent union/ENGO op-ed he states that “these voices are focused on the symptom of the ailing manufacturing sector rather than the cause”. His bottom line: “Trees are our crops. Logs are our final products and just like any other farmer, we need fair trade for our products in order to survive”.

With vocal support from John Horgan, the Mayor of Merritt (Neil Menard) is expressing dismay at the fact that Tolko “still has its license to harvest logs” after closing its local sawmill four months ago. Menard notes “our loggers… will be logging it. But it’ll be shipped out to their other mills outside the City of Merritt”.

Finally, and it’s no laughing matter, two new species of clown tree frogs have been discovered in the Amazonian rainforest. According to Wikipedia, that makes about four thousand, eight hundred, and (now) two.

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