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Beetles take their toll on forests, sawmills

Tree Frog Forestry News
January 31, 2017
Category: Today's Takeaway

A decade after billions of mountain pine beetles chewed their way through BC’s lodgepole pine forest, the Interior timber supply has begun a dramatic drop“, writes Gordon Hamilton in Business in Vancouver. “The decline in AAC has been expected for years“, says consultant Hakan Ekstrom. “Now it is actually going to happen”. And the Spruce Beetle appears to be following suite, according to a story in the Vail Daily News, they are “witnessing a beetle feast”.

Given these timber supply constraints, Conifex’s announcement that it will “spend $80 million to modernize and restart the former GP sawmill” in Arkansas is no surprise, particularly since it comes with “state incentives”. Speaking of incentives, West Virginia’s “hardwood producers are encouraged by their governor’s timber plans”, which include a long list of items to “encourage the growth of the timber industry“.

And finally, wood enthusiast Lloyd Alter at the Treehugger features a story on the Netherland’s tallest wood building, which “just won a World Architecture News Residential award as best building of 2016”. Alongside Herman Miller’s new store in Singapore, there’s lots of ‘eye candy’ here today. Worth a look!
— Tree Frog Editors