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Believe It Or Not, Forests Migrate — But Not Fast Enough For Climate Change

By Ari Shapiro
NPR Radio
July 28, 2020
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: United States

…In his new book The Journeys of Trees, science writer Zach St. George explores an agonizingly slow migration, as forests creep inch by inch to more hospitable places. Individual trees, he writes, are rooted in one spot. But forests? Forests “are restless things.” As old trees die and new ones sprouts up, the forest is — ever so slightly — moving. …This has happened over millennia, and climate change tends to be the driving force — pushing and pulling forests around the globe. Of course, today, climate change is speeding up, and trees can’t keep pace. Writing a book about forests unable to outrun climate change may sound grim, but St. George says he still finds reasons for optimism. …The book is very much about trees, but it’s also very much about people. 

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