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Bigger, hotter fires—hotter, drier climate

Tree Frog Forestry News
December 13, 2017
Category: Today's Takeaway

Bigger, hotter fires—hotter, drier climate. US researches working in the Rockies conclude that many areas recovering from wildfires may no longer be suitable for growing forests. And, although single fire events may show that fires have a relatively small impact on soils, over decades, Stanford University has found that frequent fires can reduce stored nutrients, most notably in broadleaf forests. 

Despite fires and politics, wood continues to keep the attention of the building sector. The American Forest Resource Council president is encouraging Oregonians to use more renewable resources to make innovative building materials. And in the UK, a CLT dome presides atop a new mosque. Cladded in gold, and made from sustainably-managed forests, it will complete the prayer hall crafted from man-made trees and other timber elements. 

We’ve got two new tools that support architects and engineers in using wood. A new on-demand webinar released by reThink Wood features carbon-neutral, mass timber design, with a focus on passive design principles, and in BC, the latest expertise, resources and workshops are collected together as part of a web portal called Wood Innovates BC (see today’s ad).

—Sandy McKellar, Tree Frog Editor