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Biomass UK responds to ‘incredibly leading’ YouGov poll

By Robin Whitlock
Renewable Energy Magazine
July 27, 2020
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: International

Biomass UK has responded to a recent online poll by YouGov, commissioned by a number of environmental groups… The poll by YouGov was commissioned by the ‘Cut Carbon Not Forests’ campaign, which is calling on the UK Government to withdraw subsidies for large scale biomass, such as … the Drax Group. Currently, the government gives more than £2 million per day in subsidies to these power stations, and other large scale plants, that burn biomass in order to generate renewable electricity. the YouGov poll found that fewer than one in four British citizens (23 percent) think electricity generated by burning wood biomass from forests should be classified as ‘renewable energy’, while 55 percent oppose continued Government subsidies for wood biomass energy. However, Benedict McAleenan, an Adviser to the Renewable Energy Association (REA), said that YouGov poll was poorly designed and that other, more independent, surveys actually show public support for biomass.

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