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Biophilic Brands: Can Wood and Nature Boost the Bottom Line?

Think Wood
November 1, 2019
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada, United States

Influential brands around the world are bringing nature indoors, through the use of wood and other natural materials, all in the effort to attract customers, enhance the buying experience and boost the bottom-line. And they might be on to something: recent research on retail sales suggests “going green” may actually increase the number of greenbacks a customer is willing to part with. In the American Midwest’s largest city, McDonald’s is showcasing how wood can bring value and help express the company’s growing commitment to environmentally conscious choices. As Carol Ross Barney of Ross Barney Architects explains, some durable materials aren’t always authentic and eco-friendly. Mass timber offers durability, resilience and sustainability”…Biophilic design is also a natural fit for Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC), Canada’s biggest retailer of outdoor gear… MEC is putting eco-conscious timber-framed architecture front and center in its newest flagship store, located in Vancouver and scheduled to open in 2020. 

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