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Burning biomass in N.S. will speed up the climate crisis, warns MIT prof

By Emma Smith
CBC News
February 14, 2020
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: Canada East, Canada

A professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology warns that Nova Scotia’s plan to switch from oil to wood for heating some public buildings will only speed up climate change, but the province is confident in the approach it is taking. John Sterman, director of MIT’s Sloan Sustainability Initiative, analyzed carbon emissions from burning wood for heat and energy, and found it’s as bad as burning coal, 30 per cent higher than burning fuel oil and 80 per cent higher than natural gas. …Last week, the province announced it was converting six public buildings from using furnace oil to wood heat in an effort to use renewables from private woodlots and reduce Nova Scotia’s carbon footprint. …Nova Scotia’s minister of Lands and Forestry said the professor’s calculations don’t take everything into account.

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