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Can we send our softwood to China if U.S. hardens its stand?

January 27, 2017
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada

With its chief trading partner awash in uncertainty, will Canada’s softwood lumber industry double down on China and other further-flung markets? It’s complicated. …But even though China has become a growing partner for Canadian softwood since the early 2000s, circumstances are aligning against a much deeper relationship. Logistical problems prevent most of the industry’s landlocked companies from shipping substantial quantities of lumber overseas. China’s economy has slowed down, and its appetite for lumber is shifting. And some industry players remain optimistic about their opportunities in the United States. “Maintaining secure access to the U.S. market is really important to our sector while we continue to explore other opportunities,” says Susan Yurkovich, chief executive officer of British Columbia’s Council of Forest Industries, which represents the sector in the province’s Interior.