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Canada risks trade spat with Japan over restrictions on log exports

By Konrad Yakabuski
The Globe and Mail
July 29, 2020
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, International

For as long as Canada has been harvesting trees, the issue of log exports has dogged politicians. …Now, a federal rule that forces private forest operators to offer a right of first refusal to domestic sawmills before obtaining export permits could lead to Canada’s first trade dispute under the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership. …The prospect of a trade spat with Japan puts additional pressure on Ottawa to relax export restrictions on raw logs. Vancouver-based Mosaic Forest Management… maintains its ability to operate remains threatened by Ottawa’s export rules. …So far, Ottawa appears unmoved by Mosaic’s pleadings. Federal and B.C. restrictions on log exports have long been decried by the U.S. lumber industry as an indirect subsidy to B.C. sawmills, leading to U.S. duties on Canadian lumber. …Ottawa should address Japan’s concerns before it’s forced to. It might not like the outcome otherwise. [We respect the copyrights of the source publication – full access may require a subscription]

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