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Canada’s wood pellet industry: leading the way in certified fibre

By the Wood Pellet Association of Canada
Canadian Biomass
July 29, 2020
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: Canada, International

Canada is a leading supplier of wood pellets from certified sustainable and legal sources. Today, electric power stations in Europe and Asia are using Canadian wood pellets to displace coal and reduce fossil greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. For example, Drax Power operates the world’s largest biomass power station providing about six percent of the UK’s electricity supply. Drax was a former coal power station that converted to wood pellets, thereby reducing its GHG emissions by more than eighty percent. Many of these wood pellets are imported from Canada. Global customers are committed to sustainability throughout their supply chains and ensuring the legality and sustainability of their biomass supply is critical to their business models. Canada’s wood pellet industry plays a large part in helping customers meet their commitments with a growing supply of pellets produced entirely from the residuals of sustainably managed forests. 

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