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Canadian firefighters expect to use tailored tactics to battle blazes in Australia

The Canadian Press in the Globe and Mail
January 15, 2020
Category: Forest Fires
Region: Canada, International

As Canadian firefighters boarded flights Wednesday to battle blazes in Australia, they said they will likely have to employ some different tactics than they do to fight local fires. In Halifax, the first three of 69 Canadian firefighters heading to the island continent said hotter temperatures and drier conditions call for different measures than typical East Coast fires, where water is plentiful and the blazes are slower. …Australian bush fires can spread quickly because of the lack of moisture, and response tactics often include extensive use of heavy equipment to clear gaps in the landscape. …“When we don’t have a lot of water … we may be constructing [fire] guards with bulldozers and plows – and if need be, hand tools – to create a fire break,” he said.

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