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Design/Build Giant Acquires Michael Green Architecture, Plans to Open CLT Factory

By Randy Gragg
Architectural Record
May 30, 2018
Category: General
Region: Canada, United States

In three short years, the design/build firm Katerra has grown from a Silicon Valley entrepreneur’s bright idea into what soon could be one of the largest commercial residential construction firms in the country. The strategy: vertically integrate every layer of construction, from design to the fixtures and subcontracting in order to lower costs, build faster, and raise quality. The means: venture capital (over $1 billion so far) plus acquisitions of existing companies in the building and products industry. Now Katerra is moving to buy architecture firms, and today is announcing the acquisition of the mass timber innovator Michael Green Architecture of Vancouver, with a staff of 25. … “It was love at first sight,” said Michael Marks, chairman and co-founder of Katerra, by phone. …To date, Katerra has focused on market-rate multi-family housing… But the company is plotting a major mass timber push with a state-of-the-art 250,000-square-foot CLT factory in Spokane, Washington, opening in early 2019.

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Province to tackle traffic woes at popular old-growth forest tourist spot — again

CBC News
November 19, 2018
Category: General
Region: Canada, Canada West

The province is taking a new approach to solve an ongoing traffic problem at one of B.C.’s most popular old groves of trees, which also happens to have a major highway running through it. Starting on Wednesday, the province will begin a series of open houses and collect online feedback about how to solve traffic jams and dangerous pedestrian crossings on Highway 4 at Cathedral Grove in MacMillan Provincial Park outside Port Alberni on Vancouver Island. It’s been been more than 15 years since the province last attempted to fix traffic problems at Cathedral Grove. The previous attempt didn’t solve the safety issues at the popular site, which brings tourists from around the globe. About 500,000 people visit the site each year. …Safety is also still a problem as people often cross the two-lane highway to access trails that showcase the trees, some which are nine metres in diameter and 800 years old.

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120-foot tower in coastal forest adding to understanding of global climate change

By Steven Bradley
Clemson University Newsstand
July 2, 2018
Category: General
Region: US East, United States

GEORGETOWN — The pines and the climate are talking to each other on Hobcaw Barony, and Clemson University scientist Thomas O’Halloran is using a 120-foot tower to eavesdrop on their “conversations.” Eddy covariance, or eddy flux, is an atmospheric measuring technique and statistical method used to determine exchange rates of trace gases over natural ecosystems — in this case, the longleaf pine forest at Clemson’s Belle W. Baruch Institute of Coastal Ecology and Forest Sciences. “Everybody knows climate and weather make trees grow, but maybe it’s less obvious that what trees are doing also affects the climate — their growth determines how much carbon dioxide they take out of the atmosphere,” said O’Halloran, an assistant professor in the department of forestry and environmental conservation. “In turn, how much CO2 is in the atmosphere is affecting the climate. These things are coupled. They talk to each other.”

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test post

July 22, 2012
Category: General

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