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Cedar Mill fire in McBride, BC

Tree Frog Forestry News
April 6, 2017
Category: Today's Takeaway

The BKB Cedar mill in McBride, BC was destroyed yesterday by a fire that started early in the morning. Fortunately, no one was injured but losing this mill will have huge economic impact on this small community. Village councillor, Rick Thompson, said “the opening of BKB in 2013 was some much-needed good news after years of decline in the forest industry.”

Scientists at UC Berkley studying the impact of climate change on California forests are looking to the last ice age 14,0000 years ago to learn how trees adapted to warming temperatures.  “Cautiously optimistic“, Lisa Micheli, President/CEO of a forest reserve being studied, says “trees have strategies we don’t even know of yet“. 

The potential of mass timber and the benefits within are prevalent in today’s news. Examples include “Wood construction evolving to reach new heights” (Daily Commercial News), “Wood brings sense of comfort and familiarity to indigenous structures” (Journal of Commerce) and “UMass Design Building showcases potential for new timber product industry in Massachusetts” (Mass Live).

Finally, the BC Council of Forest Industries (COFI) kicked off their annual forestry conference—one of Canada’s largest. The two-day event is packed full of prominent speakers such as architect Michael Green, envoy David Emerson and Premier Christy Clark. Stay tuned for live updates from the floor!

– Tree Frog Editors