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Chainsaw juggler to attempt new world record

By Lynn Curwin
The Chronicle Herald
August 21, 2019
Category: Froggy Foibles
Region: Canada East, Canada

TRURO, N.S. —  Ian Stewart was practicing axe juggling but he got sidetracked by chainsaws. …“I beat the old record of 88, with 94 catches in 2011,” he said. “Last July a man in Finland (Janne Mustonen) set a record of 98 so now I’m hoping to be the first to crack 100. I only need two extra throws but it’s a challenge.” He’s practicing but being careful not to over practice, as it is hard on the body. “Most injuries are just from the fact that the chainsaws are so heavy,” he said. …Before performing the juggler has to demonstrate they’re sharp by cutting something and has to sign a paper acknowledging that the organizers recommend they not perform the stunt. …He said not many people juggle chainsaws. [They] cost about $700 each so it can be expensive if you have many drops.

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