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Chinese Plywood Illegally Transshipped Through Vietnam

By US Customs and Border Protection
The Decorative Hardwood’s Association
May 21, 2020
Category: Business & Politics
Region: United States

In response to an allegation filed by Apec International, U.S. Customs has issued a notice of final determination with respect to evasion. Customs concluded that substantial evidence demonstrates that U.S. importer Concannon brought in Chinese-origin plywood that was transshipped through Vietnam without the lawful payment of duties. …In light of CBP’s determination that Concannon entered merchandise into the customs territory of the United States through evasion… CBP will continue to suspend the liquidation for any entry imported by Concannon on or after July 9, 2019, the date of initiation. …For future entries, CBP will continue to require live entry, which requires that the importers post the applicable cash deposits prior to the release.

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