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Clearcutting the planet’s carbon pools

By Tzeporah Berman, international program director at Stand.Earth
Corporate Knights
May 21, 2020
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

…Building back better means prioritizing communities, companies, industries, plans and infrastructure that protect what we have – biodiversity, stored carbon, ecosystem services – and stopping or winding down those that do not. The focus on tree planting is a very Canadian approach – we don’t want to rock the boat on existing industries. …Last month, in a new study in Nature on “irrecoverable carbon,” scientists detailed the vast stores of carbon that are being released and cannot be restored by 2050. …A report commissioned by the UK treasury assessed the economic value of biodiversity, and concluded that current high rates of biodiversity loss pose a major risk to our economies and our way of life. …Research in British Columbia has shown that after a clearcut, there’s a minimum 13-year window during which the logged and replanted area does not sequester carbon… In April, Stand.Earth released an investigative report on Canada’s growing wood-pellet industry.

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