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Climate change: Wales lags behind on planting new trees

BBC News
June 16, 2020
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: International

Wales is falling behind the rest of the UK in planting trees to tackle climate change, official statistics show.  About 80 hectares of new woodland were planted in 2019-20, the lowest number for a decade.  Forestry experts said the figure – which amounts to just 4% of the Welsh Government’s target of 2,000 hectares a year – was “clearly disappointing”.  The government said it was taking “significant steps” to increase tree cover.  Across the UK, 13,460 hectares of new woodland were created in 2019-20, according to provisional figures compiled by government-backed forestry organisations.  This breaks down to 10,860 in Scotland, 2,330 in England, 200 in Northern Ireland and 80 in Wales.  More than 80% of the new planting occurred in Scotland, heralded as “outstanding” by the Scottish Government though it too missed its annual target.

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